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Page content updated 7/02/2019
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Primary Sense

Building one world class system for Gold Coast Primary Health Network (GCPHN) provides support to general practice, the cornerstone of healthcare, to remain a hub of clinical excellence

Modern Solution

GCPHN has developed Primary Sense to address the needs of general practice. Primary Sense creates practical reporting to support the practice in population health management, supporting the GPs, nurses and practice managers to deliver evidenced based, optimised care.

Medication Management

GCPHN has worked closely with local GPs and researchers to develop Primary Sense to ensure reports and medication safety alerts are both high quality and practical in a general practice setting, and align with RACGP Standards and advice.

Beyond Data Mining

Primary Sense ensures that the reports generated support actionable, evidenced-based care in general practice. Medication safety alerts link to optimising care reports for patients. The system highlights potential quality and safety of care issues for your clinical consideration as well as linking to recommended interventions in a seamless way.

Primary Sense is fully automated and can be tailored by the individual user, with the ability to opt patients in and out their request.

Optimising Care

While General Practice may know the health needs of patients who attend frequently, they may not know the status of those patients who are more infrequent attenders. This is especially important for those with increasing complexity. Primary Sense provides patient information delivered as timely, actionable reports. This allows clinicians to plan and coordinate care in an efficient and effective way.

Timely and Convenient

The pseudonymised data is collected from the practice, analysed and the specific reports the practice has requested are produced on demand. When viewed in the practice, the report links with the software to provide the patients’ details as an actionable lists.

Incorporating the ACG® System

Characterised by excellence in both research and practice, the Johns Hopkins ACG® System has been used in performing risk measurement and case-mix categorisation for more than 30 years. Using data from the practice, the program provides a multi-morbidity framework for assessing patient complexity, providing estimates of costs, and predicting future health needs, including risk of hospitalisation


Primary Sense provides an opportunity to more effectively monitor complex patients as they move around the health system, supporting practices to arrange enhanced and integrated care.

As a patient why this is important

General practices are very busy, often providing care to thousands of patients, and it’s not always easy to predict which patients are most at risk of poor health. When a general practice shares health information with GCPHN the data is analysed, using a tool called Primary Sense, to find patients who might benefit from extra attention.

The patient’s name, full date of birth or address are not shared with GCPHN as these are not necessary for the analysis.

GCPHN uses evidence based guidelines and state of the art IT tools to provide the practice with resources and support to deliver quality health care to patients. GCPHN also uses the information for planning, research and evaluation to improve the health care services available on the Gold Coast.

Primary Sense is a patient centric tool that highlights combinations of risk factors and co-morbidities linked to evidenced based interventions
For example: John thinks he is in reasonably good health and doesn't visit his GP often. Primary Sense pulls together recent and older test results and calculates that John could actually be at risk of heart disease. Knowing this, John's GP invites him for a health check and plans with John how to reduce his risk factors.

This is a new initiative in early stages of implementation and development will continue to provide greater functionality into the future.

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