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Page content updated 17/01/2018
Our WorkImmunisation


Gold Coast Primary Health Network provides support to general practice to assist with immunisation upon request by the practice, or in areas where data highlights the rates as being less than what is currently required to maintain herd immunity, or upon referral from data provided from the Gold Coast Public Health Unit.
This support is delivered in the following ways:
  • Telephone
  • Face to Face
  • Resources

Gold Coast Primary Health Network also collaborates with the Gold Coast Public Health Immunisation Group regarding strategies to continue to maintain and improve awareness and uptake of vaccinations both in the community and in general practice.
To enable the flow of information, support linkages are made between local immunisation activities including School Based Immunisation Programs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, community groups and childcare centres who have children in the 0-7 age group.

Parents can also benefit greatly by being able to track their children’s immunisations, developmental milestones, visits to healthcare professionals and other important medical information by setting up an Electronic Health Record for their child/children. Click here to read more information on My Health Record and how to set this up!


Immunisation is the safest and most effective way to protect against many diseases.

Immunisation uses the body’s natural defence mechanism - the immune response - to build resistance to specific infections. When injected with a vaccine, the body produces the same immune response that it would following exposure to a disease, but without actually getting that disease. In the future, if the immunised person comes in contact with the disease the body is able to make an immune response fast enough to prevent the disease, or make it much less severe.

Vaccination not only protects individuals, but also protects others in the community by increasing the overall level of immunity in the population and thus minimising the spread of infection. This concept is known as ‘herd immunity’.




Australia has one of the most comprehensive publicly funded immunisation programs in the world.  The "National Immunisation Program Schedule" outlines the recommended vaccination schedule for:  

  • Babies and young children
  • School-aged children
  • Older Australians
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

As a result of Australian vaccination programs - many of which are government funded - many diseases, for example, tetanus, diphtheria, and poliomyelitis, do not occur now or are extremely rare.

As part of keeping practices updated about immunisation, the latest information and resources are distributed regularly through GCPHN publications and the HealthyGC Immunisation Resource page.

For support contact Immunisation Project Officer Melanie Forsyth by emailing or phoning 07 5612 5459.

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