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Page content updated 12/01/2018
News & EventsNewsSome simple life hacks could rescue your New Year health resolutions before it is too late

Some simple life hacks could rescue your New Year health resolutions before it is too late


There is still time for Gold Coast residents to make their health resolutions come true with a few easy “life hacks’’.

It is often better to make simple, considered changes to your health, than trying to tackle major health and lifestyle changes in one go.

Some tips from GCPHN include:

  • Don’t think of it in terms of overhauling your lifestyle because straight away it will make you feel like it is too big a challenge
  • Instead, work on being a healthier version of your current self. Start with swapping a few bad habits with some good ones and focus on making healthier choices wherever you can.
  • It might not seem much, but before too long these little changes add up and can make a big difference to your overall health.
Ten healthier choices X residents can turn into New Year resolutions today, include
  • Drinking a big glass of water as soon as you wake up and increasing water intake by several extra glasses a day.
  • Swapping full cream milk for low fat milk and going without sugar in tea and coffee.
  • Go cold turkey on soft drink and flavoured milks. Queenslanders, particularly men, are big consumers of commercially flavoured milk, such as ice coffee.
  • Check if you are eligible for the free Queensland Government-funded My health for life program. It provides six months of personalised support to help people get their health on track and lessen their risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Try the free online health check on health for
  • Swap dessert for a piece of delicious fruit. About 1.6 million Queenslanders are still not eating the recommended serves of fruit.
  • Learn one new healthy recipe a month. Diabetes Queensland, the Heart Foundation and the Queensland Government’s Healthier.Happier websites all feature easy, healthy recipes.
  • Eat breakfast every morning (but avoid sugary cereal).
  • Switch off all electronic devices an hour before bed to establish a pattern of good sleep.
  • Keep health appointments up to date, including flu shots, a prostate check, breastscreens, the optometrist and dentist.  
  • Check with local councils or go online to search for free fitness programs in your area. Many councils run tai chi, park runs or know of local walking groups.   
Even if your health of is generally good, there is always room for improvement, so making a few New Year health resolutions was a good idea. 
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