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Page content updated 15/07/2019
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Discussing alcohol use with pregnant women


In partnership with the Western Australian Primary Healthy Alliance/WA Primary Health Networks, researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute have developed three short videos to inform GPs about the importance of discussing alcohol use with their pregnant patients.
Topics covered in the videos include; ‘Alcohol and pregnancy: It’s everybody’s business’, ‘Asking questions about alcohol in pregnancy’ and ‘Recording Alcohol use in pregnancy’. 
What can GPs do?
GPs can undertake five steps when consulting with pregnant women or women planning a pregnancy. This includes:
  • Ask – the question about alcohol use
  • Assess – alcohol use (Using AUDIT-C)
  • Advise – about the risks and recommendation that no alcohol in pregnancy is the safest option
  • Assist – women to stop or reduce alcohol consumption through positive reinforcement
  • Arrange – for further support if required
These videos, a promotional card and other resources are available on the FASD Hub website
Why ask about alcohol?
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a diagnostic term for severe neurodevelopmental impairments that result from alcohol exposure during pregnancy. It is a condition that has significant impacts on individuals, their families, caregivers and the wider community. Women of all ages, all socio-economic status, every ethnicity and from all parts of Australia may consume alcohol at different times during their pregnancy.
Because the liver of the developing baby is not fully formed until late in pregnancy, the baby has the same, or possibly even higher blood alcohol content as the mother and it remains at that level longer. Many women may be unaware of the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.  Find out more
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