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Adoption, Belonging and Connection Group

These groups are for adults who were adopted or who lost somebody to adoption and who feel that this has impacted on their sense of identity, sef-esteem, relationships with others or other domains of their life.
The workshops will involve activities aimed at building a positive sense of identity, explori. . .

Aftercare Women's Group

What is the women's group about?

  • be connected with other women through listening and sharing
  • feel validated in a safe space where your own uniqueness and value is heard
  • develop new ways of looking at things and new skills
  • find acceptance and self-discovery
  • learn to trust in yourself and ot. . .

Aftercare-Complete Men Men's Group

Aftercare have worked alongside Complete Men, running very effective men’s groups for participants. They are currently putting out an expression of interest to other organisations for potential interested new men to their third group. They are offering this due to recurring interest out. . .

Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program - Optimal Health Group

Have you experienced problems with anger & rage that has caused harm to yourself and those you love?
Anger is a normal human emotion when we feel we are being threatened, or those we love.


We highly recommend couples or family members to both do the course together,. . .

Building Better Fathers

Starting 23rd of April
Fathers together - Getting it done
Building Better Fathers is a workshop where fathers come together as mates and look at what it means to face, and successfully challenge the many issues that come up for them.
We will be focusing on issues such as:

  • Healthy D. . .

    • Contact: Bowen or Adam
    • Phone: 0419 887 193

Community Arts For Everyone Inc. (CAFEiQ)

We are a not for profit community art group dedicated to reducing social isolation in our local community by providing basic art materials, tea/coffee, and an art space at an affordable price $5, where members of the community over 18yo, can come and enjoy, learn and share their love of art or craft, while making new friends and getting involved in. . .

Falun Dafa Association of Australia, Queensland Branch Inc.

Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) is an advanced practice of Buddha school self-cultivation, founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the practice’s master. It is a discipline in which “assimilation to the highest qualities of the universe—Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance)—is the foundation of practice. Practice is. . .

  • Contact: Nina Smythe
  • Phone: 07 5502 1071

Fathers in Focus

The Fathers in Focus group is a non-judgemental space for Dads, no matter if you're doing a great job at parenting or could do with a bit of a hand. 

At Fathers in Focus you can:

  • Get support around parenting
  • Get personal support as a father
  • Learn more about children's d. . .

    • Contact: Kids in Focus
    • Phone: 07 5581 1622
    • Email: 

Glow Cares

Glow Cares: Mothers Project is a community organisation that provides free programs and services aimed at encouraging, empowering and equiping mothers within our community. 

We offer free:
-Walking Groups
-Exercise Classes
-Educational morning teas
-Advocay and support
. . .

Gold Coast Mediation and Separation Counselling

Gold Coast Mediation & Separation Counselling offers mediation, dispute resolution and counselling to couples. We assist you to formulate a parenting agreement through mediation.

By appointment. Clients receiving Centrelink benefits or other low income earners are welcome.