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BUMP Program

The Raise Foundation's Bump Mentoring Program is intended for young pregnant and parenting girls aged between 13 and 23. It is a fun way for the girls to meet other young mums, as well as have some much needed “me” time.

Bump includes fortnightly mentoring with an experienced mum as a mentor, and fortnightly workshops at . . .

Circle of Security Dads program

The Circle of Security™ Parenting© Dad's program is a friendly parenting program to help Dads better understand the needs of their children.

There is no home visiting component to this program.

Circle of Security Parenting Program (COS)

The Circle of Security™ Parenting© program is a friendly parenting program to help parents and caregivers better understand the needs of their children.

Learn the basics of family bonds and why our children 'press our buttons', how to increase parenting skills, understand children's needs and explore effective comm. . .

Circle of Security Parenting Series

Circle of Security is an internationally renowned parenting program based on the leading attachment
research. Whilst originally developed for parents of children under 5 years, the concepts have been
found to be immensely helpful for parents of children up to early teen-age years, expectant parents, as
well as all professionals worki. . .

Dry Bed (Enuresis) Program

It is generally regarded that further help should be sought if bedwetting continues beyond 5 years of age.
  • By age 5, most children are dry most nights
  • Bedwetting is common - more common in boys than girls
  • In a class of 30 at the age of:
  • . . .

Empowering Families

Empowering families to break down the barriers when communicating with your teenager.

  • Is your Teenager taking a lot of time off school?
  • Do they appear depressed or lacklustre about life or
  • Do they have a problem with angry outbursts or explosive behaviours?
  • Are they disrespectful or verbally abusive to y. . .

Empowering Families to Break Down the Barriers Program

Empowering Families is innovative and powerful skills training for parents.

Caretakers try to ‘fix’ or solve someone’s depression, alcohol or substance use for them.
  • Do you believe that’s your ‘job’?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Is life getting ou. . .

Family Interaction Program (Griffith University)

A flexible service to meet the specific needs of challenging child behaviours and children with intellectual and developmental delays.

This program is free and is suitable for families with children 1-6 years of age.

This program is ongoing Monday-Friday and individual appointments can be made by contacting the Griff. . .

Fun Not Fuss with Food

Problem eating and mealtime behaviours are common in children. The behaviour of children at meal times is a common source of stress for parents and carers.

Examples of problem eating and meal time behaviours are when the child:

  • spits out food
  • refuses to come to the table
  • refuses to stay at the table duri. . .

Happy Parents Happy Kids

A basic three session course that will give parents information regarding skills they need for a healthy, peaceful, active courageous and loving family in a changing world.

Course content covers:

  • parenting styles
  • strengthening child-parent relationships
  • introduction to child develop. . .