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“Stepping Forward” Program - Family Drug Support

Stepping Forward delivers useful information and support and appeals to a wide audience. The emphasis is on straightforward language, reality based information and useful interaction.
There are currently 3 x 2 hour sessions on offer:
  •  Drug information
  • Stages of C. . .

ADAPT Alcohol Drug Acceptance Prevention Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has shown great promise in treating both substance abuse and mental health issues. It addresses some of the underlying causes of both problems.

ADAPT is an eleven session (8 weekly then 3 spaced follow ups) closed group therapy program for people who currently have or recently had a mental health diag. . .

Alcohol and Other Drugs Service (AODS) - Community Programs

Community education and training programs and projects are provided to increase understanding of drug related concerns and treatment options. 

Please call 07 5687 7062 for more information.

All services are free and confidential.

Australian College of Community Services De-programming Family Systems Therapy Program

The workshop describes an overview of intervention approaches used in welfare industries. There is a significant need for counsellors/case workers working in areas such as drug/alcohol, relationship, child and youth, juvenile justice, school early intervention programs and mental health areas to understand the impact of family relationships on all . . .

Australian College of Community Services Introduction to Counselling Program

This workshops describes the knowledge and skills required to enable workers to support their client to identify and work-through concerns through the implementation of counselling foundation skills.

There is a significant need for community support workers to learn basis counselling skills and approaches to use in drug/alcohol, child an. . .

Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association Transition to Practice Program

The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association's (APNA) Transition to Practice Program supports newly graduated and experienced nurses in their transition to primary health care.

APNA’s Transition to Practice program aims to contribute to:

  • Workforce development and sustainability by supporting nurses new to p. . .

Back in Control - Drug Education & Relapse Prevention Program Including YAN-COORARA

Getting off alcohol or other drugs is the relatively easy part of overcoming a problem with substance use. Staying off and regaining control over the drug (and over your life) can be much more difficult.

‘Back in Control’ is a six-session group education program for people who have or have had drug and/or alcohol concerns. Th. . .

CNAP Integrated Services

The LLW Complex Needs Assessment Panel Integrated Services (CNAPIS) brings government and community representatives in partnership to provide a coordinated approach when assessing and planning the needs of clients with complex needs, especially with regards to the complexities inherent in dual diagnosis (AOD abuse and Mental Illness).

Lives Lived Well Drug & Alcohol Transition Support

Transitioning in and out of drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation are big steps. We work with you to make it as easy as possible and establishing strong foundations as you move into a new chapter.

Personal and flexible care

Our services can be delivered in the way that best suits you, such as  telep. . .

Needle Syringe Program - Southport

Needle and syringe program (NSP) (Southport Health Precinct Level 1 G, 16-30 High St, Southport).

Injecting equipment available Monday –  Friday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm. 24 hour return chute.  Access is at the first window behind the yellow return chute. 

Needle and Syringe Servic. . .