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Bravehearts Inc

Bravehearts’ key purpose is to educate, empower and protect Australian kids from sexual assault.

Our Vision is to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child by 2020. To achieve this we depend on business, government and community support. This will ensure continued delivery of ou. . .


9 Byth Street

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Circle of Security Parenting Program (COS)

The Circle of Security™ Parenting© program is a friendly parenting program to help parents and caregivers better understand the needs of their children.

Learn the basics of family bonds and why our children 'press our buttons', how to increase parenting skills, understand children's needs and explore effective comm. . .


Child and Family Behavioural Counselling 


Mobile Service

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Family Interaction Program (Griffith University)

A flexible service to meet the specific needs of challenging child behaviours and children with intellectual and developmental delays.

This program is free and is suitable for families with children 1-6 years of age.

This program is ongoing Monday-Friday and individual appointments can be made by contacting the Griff. . .

Fun Not Fuss with Food

Problem eating and mealtime behaviours are common in children. The behaviour of children at meal times is a common source of stress for parents and carers.

Examples of problem eating and meal time behaviours are when the child:

  • spits out food
  • refuses to come to the table
  • refuses to stay at the table duri. . .

Glow Cares

Glow Cares: Mothers Project is a community organisation that provides free programs and services aimed at encouraging, empowering and equiping mothers within our community. 

We offer free:
-Walking Groups
-Exercise Classes
-Educational morning teas
-Advocay and support
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Healing Aspergers

Early Intervention from Autism Program Design
(before and during primary)
Assist families developing early intervention from autism plans
Support families with children with autism and learning delays 
Early Intervention from autism advisory and planning service
Difficult behaviour management and intervention ideas, me. . .


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Kingston East Neighbourhood Group (KENG)

Kingston East Neighbourhood Group Inc. (KENG) is a non-profit, non-government organisation that serves the communities of Kingston, Woodridge, Slacks Creek and surrounding areas for 30 years. 
The Centre acts as a focal point for the whole community promoting personal well-being through access to in. . .


177 Meakin Road

Lullababy SOS Sleep Consultant and Baby Whisper

Lullababy SOS is the longest running and most trusted Sleep Consultancy Services on the Gold Coast. 
With 15 years experience working with families and their babies, Elaine Harvey is no stranger to all forms of sleep problems. She has had the pleasure of working with thousands of both in Australia and overseas helping families with a. . .


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MumSpace is Australia’s new one-stop website supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of pregnant women, new mums and their families.

MumSpace is designed to connect you quickly with the level of support you need, from advice and support in the transition to parenthood, to effective online treatment p. . .