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Page content updated 19/11/2019
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CRYO Performance

Cryoperformance owner Mark Sullivan is fuelled by a burning passion for helping those suffering from illness or injury achieve noticeable improvements in their recovery and overall health and wellbeing.

As a self-employed Exercise Physiologist with a background in musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions, Mark has a wealth of experience in his field and has spent many years observing patient outcomes from both traditional Western medicine and alternative natural therapies.

Frustrated at just how many patients try various programs and achieve little-to-no results; Mark has witnessed firsthand the many benefits of cryotherapy as a natural treatment for illness and injury, and now he wants to share this cutting-edge treatment technique with you.

Cryoperformance is the home of the Gold Coast’s first purpose-built cryo centre. It offers a more luxurious and user-friendly alternative to similar treatment options in the area and with a beautiful suite and comfortable changing rooms, really provides you with a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere that will instantly put you at ease.

What is Cryotherapy?

If you’re not familiar with the use of extreme cold for healing, you might be asking yourself, what is cryotherapy? You’ve seen the social media posts. You’ve heard the rave reviews from friends at your gym or sports team. You know cryotherapy exists but you’re still wondering exactly what cryotherapy is.

Cryotherapy – the use of cold as a healing therapy

In a nutshell, cryotherapy is a revolutionary treatment which relies on the use of cold to treat a range of ailments and to assist in overall health and wellbeing.  Cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular as evidence of its success as a healing therapy during its 30-year history are emerging throughout Western culture from its Japanese origins in the 1970’s.   Literally translated ‘cryo’ means ‘involving or producing extreme cold’ and therapy means it is effective as a treatment for a range of illnesses and conditions.

How the cryotherapy chamber works

Cryotherapy involves subjecting your whole body, or parts thereof, to extreme cold. Liquid nitrogen cools the air to temperatures as low as -140 degrees. Whole-body cryotherapy takes place in a chamber (a small room with a glass door) which surrounds the entire body. Cryotherapy can also be administered with a smaller hand-held machine known as a Penguin, on a more localised part of the body to treat a particular injury or area.

During the short treatment, skin dramatically cools down which activates receptors to the brain telling the body to go into survival mode. The brain then re-routes oxygenated blood to vital organs to keep them warm. There is no danger to body organs whatsoever with the cold air only reaching less than a millimetre beneath the skin. The temperature in a cryotherapy chamber can vary from -90 degrees to -140. The lower the temperature, the shorter the treatment time.

The benefits of cryotherapy

After the treatment, the higher quality blood rich in oxygen and nutrients is then pumped around the body as normal, helping to heal targeted pain points, lowering inflammation and treating the symptoms of chronic disease and illness. When you leave the chamber, a rush of endorphins is released which elevates mood and increases general feelings of happiness.  This completely natural, alternative therapy provides a wealth of physiological and mental benefits and is used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, weight-loss, cellulite reduction and anti-ageing. Additionally, it’s popular with elite athletes to heal injuries faster and to help maximise performance.

Cryotherapy is a completely natural treatment.

When you look at online videos or images, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were about to enter a chamber made up of a crazy concoction of chemicals and artificial substances. Think 1980’s smoke machines at the local disco and you won’t be too far away from the vision that exists. But, fear not, cryotherapy is a completely natural treatment that won’t harm your body like many chemical treatments can.   The ‘smoke’ you might notice is fresh air which is safe to inhale, safe to have on your skin, and safe to immerse your body in for three minutes while it gets to work on your ailments.

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