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Page content updated 20/09/2019
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Care for Life Suicide Prevention

Care for Life Suicide Prevention Network was formed in 2016 with the amalgamation of Care for Life Suicide Prevention Association and Gold Coast Suicide Prevention Network. Together, Care for Life Suicide Prevention Network has provided awareness, resources, and information to the Gold Coast and surrounding communities free of charge for over 25 years.
To promote a community that values life, through people caring for people. 

To equip individuals with the ability to assist in suicide prevention. 


  • Implement and/or support collaborative strategies to reduce the risk of suicide, informed by lived experience, research and evidence based practices, including;
  • Provision of suicide prevention information and promotion of support services to individuals, families and communities.
  • Provision of information and support services to those bereaved by suicide
  • Building resilience and strength in the community through awareness raising, education and training in suicide prevention and post-vention.

Phone: -

Telephone Helpline

Opening Hours

Service available 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Contact Details

Target Groups

  • General Public
  • Mental Health

Fees & Charges

Please enquire for details

Services Provided

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