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Page content updated 19/11/2019
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Complete Men

Complete Men is a Social Enterprise with a mission to help, to support and inspire men of all ages to reach their full potential - to be fully engaged in their own lives, and in those of their families and communities.

We do this through providing individual support and programs for men to engage in men's groups and related personal growth activities.

As a social Enterprise, Complete Men's charter is that of a non profit community organisation, with a mission of  supporting and inspiring men. Our programs are evidence-based and delivered under supervision by qualified facilitators. We help men to be more grounded and connected with themselves and others - and thus free up a lot of energy normally wasted on self doubt and keeping others at arms length. We work on making it safe for men to remove the masks they wear to meet others expectations. This freed up energy can then be put towards being an authentic and purposeful man - a man valued by himself and his community.

Men who have participated in these programs report back on a better quality and direction of life, as well as greatly improved relationships with families, friends, communities and most importantly - themselves. They also report discovering tools to overcome a tendency to isolate, or run the "go-it-alone" program. 

Weekly Men's Group

Weekly Men's Groups are open to all men over the age of 18. We currently have openings in weekly Men's Groups at both ends of the Gold Coast, and can refer men to similar groups in other areas.

If you would like to come along to one of these groups to see what you could get from it, please contact Tim on 0422 508 533. We'll have a quick chat on the phone to let you know what to expect and to ensure you receive a warm welcome to the group.

Weekly Men's Groups offer support, growth, hope and direction to many men who are seeking answers to their current life dilemmas. When you think about it, men's groups have been around for thousands of years -  men have instinctively known how to talk and to sort out matters. Fathers and sons were connected strongly by a smaller less fluid society.

The industrial revolution changed all that. It took men and boys out of the village into the mines and factories. Fathers and sons lost connection within a few generations and the modelling of what it was to be a man. Technology and the economic circumstances of modern society are rapidly changing traditional male roles. Today we often find men are naturally confused and concerned about these changes.

Men have been sitting in circle down the millennia, listening to and speaking their story. This is a space that most men recognize intuitively as soon as they sit in circle. This space helps to lower the internal shields and armour that men have learnt to wear in modern day living. This is a chance to at last let down your guard and be more authentic.
  • You might be having problems in your life that appear unsolvable
  • You might feel deep down that something’s not right, I’m missing something here.
  • You might have a great marriage, career and kids but lately there is a niggling thought “Is this all there is?”    
So here's a chance to come along and check out what you could get from a men's group. What do you have to lose? To find out more information, see the events details here. 

Weekly meeting time and location:

Robina: Wednesday Night 6.45pm to 9.30pm
Coomera: Thursday Night 6.45pm to 9.30pm
Tweed Heads: Thursday Night 6.45pm to 9.30pm 

Location is disclosed to participant after a phone call interview.

Our history & people 

Complete Men commenced operations in 2015 by a community of men based on QLD's Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Our founder Tim Fisk's passion for self-growth in men's groups has  become his purpose in life. After a spectacular mid-life crisis involving addiction, bankruptcy and psychiatric hospitals, Tim has found men's groups to be the mainstay to his recovery. He now facilitates groups as part of his ongoing personal growth. Tim has a Diploma in Counseling and uses his enthusiasm and considerable organisational skills to co-ordinate our various programs, promote them to the men in our community and help new men into groups and other personal growth programs.

Complete Men's programs were initially developed with and supervised by Gary Simpson, who was president of the Mens Health & Wellbeing Association in its early years and co-developed their Common Ground behaviour change program for men.

Our facilitators do more than just facilitate - they each have a minimum of 10 years experience of personal growth and belonging to committed mens groups.


How often and where we meet

Weekly. Men's Groups at both ends of the Gold Coast.

Members Eligibility

There is no charge or fee to attend the group, although men are encouraged to make a small donation/contribution to share the costs.

Primary Contact

Tim Fisk
0422 508 533

Group Postal Address


Target Groups

  • Mental Health
  • Men

Services Provided

  • Men's Health

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