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Page content updated 21/01/2020
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Gold Coast Youth Services: Youth Access Support Services

The Gold Coast Youth Service YASS program is focused on providing early intervention supporting vulnerable young people, strengthen their relationships with their families and support networks. 
Who can access this? 
  • We support young people aged 12 to 18 years of age
Who are at risk of:
  • Disconnecting from their family/community or support networks
  • Disengaging from school, training and/or employment 
  • Harm including self harm 
  • Homelessness 
How do we support you? 
Our youth support team can support you in three ways:

1. Access
Assist young people with questions and directions, to make informed decisions about, or be connected to, the services and support they need

3. Support
Young people working wit a youth support worker achieve their plans and goals 

3. Integrated response 
There maybe other involved in the support team. We all work together assisting young people achieve their plans and goals 
What do YOU get out of it ?
This is a FREE and confidential service so we meet you and where you feel safe
  • We keep it casual and relaxed 
  • We can speak or act on your behalf 
  • We can help you understand information before making decisions
  • We’re NOT here to tell you what to do, we’re here to support you on your journey for a happier life. 
Basically we want to see young people doing well. 

The youth support model aims to deliver four key outcomes; being that young people: 
  • Experience positive relationships with their families and communities
  • Are engaged in education, training and/or employment 
  • Lead healthy and violence free lives
  • Have safe and stable places to live 

How often and where we meet


Members Eligibility


Primary Contact

Gold Coast Youth Service
07 5572 0400

Group Postal Address


Target Groups

  • Children
  • General Public
  • Homeless and at Risk
  • Mental Health
  • Youth

Services Provided

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