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Page content updated 12/11/2019
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Gold Coast Youth Service: Mobile Support Services

Mobile support services: 
The Gold Coast Youth Mobile support team provide individualised case management support to vulnerable young people who are homelessness. 

When transport is a barrier to accessing services, the Mobile Support Team is able to come to you to discuss and assess your situation and work on a plan to support you to reach your goals. 

Who can access this service?
Young people 16 to 25 years of age who are:

  • Homeless or at Risk of Homelessness
You might be:
  • sleeping on the beach/park/streets
  • sleeping in a car/squatting 
  • couch surfing with friends or relatives short term
  • in short term accommodation such as hotel/motel 
  • living in a tent 
  • living at home but have to leave due to your wellbeing or you are being evicted. 
How do we support you? 
The mobile support team aims to assist you to:
  1. obtain housing 
  2. maintain your housing 
  3. maximise your capacity to be independent, self reliant and connected to appropriate social and community supports.
Your support worker will assist you to assess your current needs, identify your goals and develop a support plan that includes actions designed to support you to reach your goals. 

Participation in the program is voluntary and is based on a duration of need meaning; the support worker will provide support for as long as it takes for you to obtain and maintain housing. 

Your support worker may also speak with you about linking in with additional services as part of your support plan if appropriate. 


How often and where we meet


Members Eligibility


Primary Contact


Group Postal Address

15 Oak Av Miami

Target Groups

  • Children
  • General Public
  • Homeless and at Risk
  • Mental Health
  • Youth

Services Provided

  • Mental Health Friendly
  • Children's Health
  • Counselling
  • Education & Training
  • Social Services

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