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Page content updated 12/11/2019
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Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program - Optimal Health Group

Have you experienced problems with anger & rage that has caused harm to yourself and those you love?
Anger is a normal human emotion when we feel we are being threatened, or those we love.


We highly recommend couples or family members to both do the course together,

so they can work from the same page and speak the same language.

If you prefer to do the 24/7 ONLINE course, click on the green button above.

If you need a certificate for court, please pay the $145 and read the instructions on THE COURSE page.

There is no concession or promotional rates available for court worksheets and certificates.

If we don’t deal with what causes us to get angry, then it turns into rage.
Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program Gold Coast is a 3 week live course

which is also available 24/7 ONLINE.

Program runs on most MONDAYS and now 1/2 price

(as well as concession for students & centrelink cards for live program only).

Click on calendar on the next page called THE COURSE to view dates for the year.

It will help you understand and manage your anger so it doesn’t explode into rage.

This program is also ideal for supervisors and managers to help them develop communication and conflict resolution skills with work colleagues. This training is tax deductible as a work related expense and enables supervisors and managers to maintain professional development and upskilling.

How often and where we meet

Most Monday nights at 6:45pm for a 3 week cycle

Members Eligibility

Enrollment into program

Primary Contact

George Patriki
0408 332 765

Group Postal Address

PO Box 1253 Palm Beach QLD 4221

Target Groups

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
  • General Public
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Mental Health
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Parents / Families
  • Youth
  • GP's
  • Women
  • Men
  • DVA
  • Carers

Services Provided

  • Women's Health
  • Family Health
  • Counselling
  • Men's Health
  • Education & Training
  • Social Services

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