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Page content updated 19/09/2019
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Lives Lived Well Family and Friends Support Meeting

Alcohol and drug use does not just affect the person using substances, families, partners and friends are impacted and need support too.

When someone that you care about uses drugs or alcohol, you can experience anger, betrayal, guilt, fear, isolation and loss of control.

Lives Lived Well's support meetings provide a combination of education, counselling and peer support in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Share your story, hear how others are dealing with their situation and get information and support from a professional facilitator and also:

  • understand dependency
  • seek services and recovery options
  • respond to crisis situations
  • improve coping skills and wellbeing
  • learn about alcohol and drugs
  • decide on your role as a support person
  • address mental health issues
* Confidential and free service

How often and where we meet

Every Monday from 7pm and running for about an hour.

Members Eligibility


Primary Contact

Event Officer
07 5535 4302

Group Postal Address

191 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Qld 4220

Target Groups

  • Homeless and at Risk
  • Parents / Families

Services Provided

  • Family Health
  • Addiction Treatment

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