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Page content updated 21/01/2020
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Fathers in Focus

The Fathers in Focus group is a non-judgemental space for Dads, no matter if you're doing a great job at parenting or could do with a bit of a hand. 

At Fathers in Focus you can:

  • Get support around parenting
  • Get personal support as a father
  • Learn more about children's development
  • Learn about communication for all your relationships
  • Access support around alcohol, drugs and other issues

Fathers in Focus is a group program of Kids in Focus - Family Drug Support. 

How often and where we meet

Call for current meeting times. Meetings are at Thrower House - The Shed, Thrower Drive, Palm Beach

Members Eligibility

Dads only

Primary Contact

Kids in Focus
07 5581 1622

Group Postal Address


Target Groups

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Services Provided

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