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Page content updated 17/09/2019
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Empowering Families

Empowering families to break down the barriers when communicating with your teenager.

  • Is your Teenager taking a lot of time off school?
  • Do they appear depressed or lacklustre about life or
  • Do they have a problem with angry outbursts or explosive behaviours?
  • Are they disrespectful or verbally abusive to you or others and
  • Do they ignore your attempts to discipline them with consequences?
A recovery focused psycho educational program for parents, carers, consumers, service providers and professionals.

Mental health is the springboard to living a healthy well balanced life. Developing the skills to bring balance back into your own life is essential for you to have a deeper understanding of the role you can play in supporting your child towards wellness.

Would you like to:
  • Decrease your stress
  • Decrease your anxiety
  • Improve your ability to communicate
  • Improve your capacity to cope with relationship issues
  • Support your child in more meaningful ways 

Cost $90.00 each series.

For enquiries or further information please contact Sue Koningen on 0412 732 717 or via email:

Suitable for

Parents, carers, consumers, service providers and professionals.

Target Groups

  • Mental Health

Services Provided

  • -

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