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Page content updated 21/01/2020
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CNAP for Young People

The Complex Needs Assessment Panel (CNAP) for Young people (CNAPY) works with children unborn to 18 years with complex needs and their families on the Gold Coast and in Beenleigh. The CNAPY seeks to improve service delivery and assist both government and community to work together in a more integrated and coordinated manner while supporting the participation of children, young people and their families in the journey towards improved health and well-being.

The CNAP has been established to assist staff from the departments of Health (including Child & Youth Mental Health and Child and Youth Forensic Outreach Service), Communities (including Child Safety, Disability and Community Care Services), Justice and Attorney General (Youth Justice and Youth Justice Conferencing), Education, Police, Department of Housing, Homelessness and Public Works, Department of Human Services and community organisations (including Centacare, St Vincent de Paul, Communities for Children, Benevolent Society and recreational or arts based programs). The membership consists of senior staff from each department or agency and other personnel specifically relevant to each individual situation being presented.

In order to support and achieve the best possible outcomes for children, adolescents and their families, it is important that parents / guardians are involved in this process. This might involve providing input where needed, being actively involved in the development of a case plan and agreeing to work with the Gold Coast - Beenleigh Area Panels towards the case plan goals.

Suitable for

- A child unborn to 18 years of age (Should a young person reach 18 years of age, panel support can continue for a further 6 months on the condition that the referring agency remains involved; interventions during this period will focus on transitioning to adult care and support); - The child has multiple and complex needs.

Target Groups

  • Children
  • Mental Health
  • Parents / Families
  • Youth

Services Provided

  • Family Health
  • Mental Health Friendly
  • Children's Health
  • Education & Training

- child presents with challenging or complex needs that place them, or others, at risk of harm - child / young person / family / child guardian consents to the process and information being shared; and - There is evidence that the current service system has been unable to meet the needs of the child Referrals Contact: - Gold Coast South Email: - Beenleigh Email: - Gold Coast North Email:

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