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Page content updated 17/09/2019
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Post War: Survive to Thrive Program

The Post War Survive to Thrive Online Course is an eight module, personal development coaching program. It was developed from first-hand military experience of learning to survive and thrive with post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps a participant understand, adapt, and overcome the impact of transitioning from military to civilian life.
The course is suitable for current or former military members and their partners. It helps participants understand common mental health conditions arising from military service and training and how they impact behaviour. It also explains what to expect in civilian life and how to handle issues before serious problems occur.
We do not aim to just educate participants on the problem, but to apply real tangible solutions to build resilience and regain control of all areas of their lives.

Included in the Program
Private access to your program via our online portal, providing you with 24/7 access
8 Coaching Modules that include;

  • Interactive Slides
  • Personal Development Coaching and Motivational videos presented by Dane Christison
  • Workshops and Goal Setting Programs
  • Phone App for Morning Routines, Daily and Weekly Goals
  • Exercise and Nutritional Information
  • Private VIP Facebook Support Group (aimed for participants to support, encourage, inspire, motivate, and empower each other)

Bonus Services
  • Membership into Survive to Thrive Nation
  • Access to free coaching webinars
  • Course Development
The Post War: Survive to Thrive Online Program was created and features coaching by Motivational Speaker, and Personal Development Coach Dane Christison, an East Timor and Iraq veteran who served as an infantry soldier in the Australian Defence Force.

After overcoming his own adversities of PTSD through personal development he knew he had to create a program to help others gain the same results. He has been delivering this program to current and former military families with excellent feedback since 2012.

“I had to learn what I could do to regain independence and control and thrive again in my life. After years of research, I began to write a program for the military mindset.

“I watched the program grow and saw the results for others. I live the principles of this course every day; trying to just survive feels like trying to keep your head above water. Personal development is about once again reaching your full potential no matter what stage of your life you are at.  I have learnt to aim to thrive and this course teaches current and former military families how to do just that.” –Dane Christison

Benefits of Online Courses

The Post War: Survive to Thrive Online Program has been developed in partnership with Onfit Training College, to ensure the highest quality in the production of the program. Using the latest innovations in online education and technology, the course has been designed to be engaging and user friendly. Further benefits include:
  • Focus issues and memory loss are always a concern with those suffering with PTSD. Unlike live courses the benefits of online is that a participant can re-engage and review the course in their own time at their own leisure
  • The course is accessible anywhere with internet access
  • Private use for isolated sufferers
  • Private use for those concerned about job security (we are a non-governmental company)
  • No commuting- subsequently lowering stress levels
  • No judgment- easier to overcome stigma and re-engage with society at own pace and regain self-confidence
Program = $1690.00, $32.50 weekly for 12 months

Suitable for

Current or former military members and their partners.

Target Groups

  • Mental Health
  • Elderly
  • DVA
  • Veterans

Services Provided

  • Mental Health Friendly
  • Education & Training

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