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Page content updated 14/01/2020
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Feros Care - Short Term Restorative Care (STRC)

Our 8-week program is designed to help you recover from an injury or illness, improve your wellbeing
and help you to stay independent. You’ll work with a team of health professionals to work out what
you want to achieve and the best ways to get there.

Over the 8-weeks and depending on what your goals are, you’ll be
supported by the likes of dietitians, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists
and podiatrists. We will also be able to provide innovative new technologies to keep you safe and
secure, monitor your health or even connect you socially.

There’s a wide range of services and activities to improve your wellbeing from one-on-one allied health services, weight management, pain management to group exercise classes, yoga, hydrotherapy classes, and much more. We can also provide personal care, nursing, transport, simple technologies and a range of support services to assist you around your home and to connect with the community.

To be eligible you are an older person, and you must:

  • Be assessed by your local Aged Care Assessment Team
  • Not be on a home care package
  • Not have been hospitalised in the last 3 months before the date of assessment
If you’re receiving veteran services, disability services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or support at home through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), you may still be eligible.

Government funding for STRC is equivalent of $197 a day for a maximum of eight weeks. The cost to you is equivalent to 17.5% of a single aged pension which is subject to changes each 20 March and 20 September in line with pension indexation. The amount of funding depends on your financial situation.

CALL FEROS TODAY ON 1300 763 583.
Our team will help you organise your referral through My Aged Care. We will help you get assessed and set up for this program and explain how you can benefit from it. Remember: This program is ideal for older people wanting to improve their health and wellbeing, or want some help to recover from an injury or illness.

Suitable for


Target Groups

  • Elderly

Services Provided

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