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Page content updated 19/10/2019
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Free cardiovascular, respiratory and fitness health check for men over 50

This is part of a research study that is currently being conducted at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. 

Elligible participants will recieve a free cardiovascular, respiratory and fitness health check upon completion of the study. This will include the results of a fitness test performed on a stationary bike, blood tests, echocardiograph (ultrasound of the heart), and vascular assessment (ultrasound of the arteries). For more information please read below.

Purpose of the study
Exercise affects both the cardiovascular and the musculoskeletal systems. In particular, older individuals have a decreased ability to undertake exercise. Clinical observations suggest that older individuals may be more likely to become breathless and find it more difficult to exercise on hotter days. Interestingly, what has gathered researchers' attention is that folic acid has been shown to improve the ability to cope with hotter temperatures; but, this has not been demonstrated during exercise. The purpose of the current study is to examine healthy older individuals and their response to exercise while determining how breathless they become during exercise in the heat, and in a cooler condition prior to, and after a period of folic acid supplementation. The results of the current study will enable clinicians to better understand how much exercise a healthy older person can perform in the heat, and also determine how effective folic acid may be as an additional therapeutic intervention that aims to improve and/or prevent the decline in exercise capacity throughout adulthood. 

What you will be asked to do
If you agree to participate in the study you will be asked to visit the Clinical Exercise Testing Laboratory at Griffith University on five separate occasions. The first visit will involve a preliminary health screening and familiarisation process. You will also be required to perform exercise tests on a stationary bike. The first visit will last approximately 1 hr. During the second and third visit, you will be required to undergo scans of your heart and arteries, and you will also be required to take a blood test. measurements of your core temperature will also be taken (please see information sheet on the right for details of this process). Once these measurements are recorded, you will be required to perform an exercise test on a stationary bike (at a pre-determined, low intensity) for 60-min in a cool (20ºC) and heated (35ºC) laboratory environment. During the test, heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature measurements will be recorded every 10-min. The scans of your heart and arteries, blood tests and temperature will be repeated after you have completed the exercise test. The second and third visit will last approximately 3 hrs. You will be required to return to the laboratory and repeat the exercise tests (visits four and five) following a 6 week period where you will be required to take folic acid (this will be supplied), once daily. 

If you are interested please contact Bryce Balmain on 0431 902 726 or

Suitable for

Men aged 50-75 years; non-smokers; free from diagnosed cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic (i.e., diabetes) disease; and not taking any blood pressure or heart medication.

Target Groups

  • Elderly
  • Men

Services Provided

  • Disease Prevention
  • Management of Chronic Medical Problems
  • Sports Medicine
  • Men's Health
  • Aged Care
  • Social Services

No medical referrals required.

For more information please contact Bryce Balmain on 0431 902 726. Alternatively, you may contact him via email on

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