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Page content updated 21/01/2020
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Orange Sky Laundry Project

Orange Sky Laundry comprises of eight board members with a diverse range of skills and life experiences.

They share a common goal of seeing Orange Sky Laundry take to the streets. Their vision is a world where people who are homeless are positively connected with the community

The project is run by volunteers who are keen and want to harness the energy of people, but struggle to find simple ways to connect with the community.

They literally provide a vehicle for conversations, opportunities and educations through a free mobile laundry service for the homeless, worldwide while also:

  • raising health standards
  • restoring respect
  • reducing the strain on resources
The Orange Sky Laundry van is operating at the Gold Coast - the second highest rate of homelessness in Queensland. The team are open to any partnerships or suggestions, so please click the links below to give them a hand!

Suitable for


Target Groups

  • Children
  • General Public
  • Homeless and at Risk
  • Parents / Families
  • Elderly
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Men

Services Provided

  • Social Services

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