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DirectoryHow to add your service to the Directory

How to add your Listing to the HealthyGC Online Directory

Signing into your HealthyGC Account

1. Sign into HealthyGC website on the top of the website in the grey bar

If you're not a member you will first need to join first by clicking 'Register for a HealthyGC Account' or by going to and fill out the 'Join HealthyGC' form on the bottom right of the page.

2. Click on your name within the same area once logged in

Once logged in click your username (where it says 'Hi, Your Name'  (in the same bar on the top right).

This will open to your account management page where you have access to a number of tabs which contribute to the managing of your HealthyGC account and online profile.

3 . Using the blue shortcut links click 'Create/ Manage my Directory listings' which is the first link under the 'Event and Dierctory Listing Management' title

Adding your Service to the Directory

Click the type of listing you want to create.

You can add an Organisation/ Service Provider, a Social & Support Group/Telephone & Online Support Service or a Program.

Once you select the type of listing you want to create the next screen will bring up a list of options where you can add detailed information about your listing including what you offer to the local Gold Coast community, opening and closing times, fees and charges as well as accessibility and eligibility.

Organisation Details & Categorisations

Complete this section in as much detail as possible. All fields in this section are mandatory to complete. Add your organisation name, the type of organisation (whether it is private, government, non-government or not-for-profit) and a detailed description of what your organisation is and what services you provide.

Logos, Images and Attached Documents

Here you can upload up to five images that will display when people come to your listing. These can be the company logo as well as photos of the location or anything related to your service. You can also upload documents (e.g. word or PDF files) that users can open and download.

Target Groups, Tags & Categories

This area is most important to ensure your listing is found under the correct keywords and categories within the directory. 

You can select multiple categories your listing may fall under. If a category is not there that you believe we should have available for you to list under please email and we will be happy to add it for you. For example if you are a general practice or clinic that specialises in children’s mental health, you could select multiple options (e.g. Children, Mental Health). Tick as many that apply to you.
Tags are single words that apply to your listing and each listing can have up to ten tags.

Please ensure to list as many different tags as possible that would be relevant to your oganisaton. For instance under if you are a doctor it would be beneficial to add the tags GP, General Practice, General Practitioner, Dr, Medical Centre. This means if someone types this in as a keyword you will come up under these words also. If you only add the tag physio if someone types in the keyword physiotherapy you will not be listed so try to think of different ways people may refer to your organisation or service and add these tags.
Tags are a convenient way of classifying listings based on various criteria, such as interests. Thanks to tags, site visitors can view different listings with the same tags or view similar listings to the one they just viewed.
For example, a site visitor could want to view documents related to psychology after finding a psychology listing. The more you have and the more specific you are to relating to your listing, the better chance you have of people finding your listing.

Location & Postal Address

Address / Location

Fill in the address and location details of your organisation. Contact Details, Websites and Related Networks. This will also generate a google map on your page.

Contact Details

Complete this section with as many contact details as possible. Please add website, Facebook and other social media accounts too if possible. You can also add any related networks you have (e.g. the Allied Health Advisory Group). The more details you have about your organisation the better.

Note - If you add an email address you have the option for HealthyGC to generate a form on your listing for people to contact you directly.

Opening Hours & Public Holidays

Opening Hours

Enter the opening and closing times of your organisation. The opening hours conditions tab gives you the choice of selecting either open 365 days a year, or whether your opening times are listed underneath.

Public Holidays

You can also add any notes related to opening hours and whether you are open on public holidays.

Fees & Charges

Here you can select what sort of fees your organisation charges and can type in any additional details you would like to share with those who view your listing.
You can also select whether you offer bulk billing or if full payment is required, and if HICAPS is available.


Add in detail the eligibility status of your organisation, including whether or not you have services available for specific age groups and referral requirements of patients.


Indicate the accessibility rating of your organisation, including parking, facilities and toilet accessibility, catering for other languages and more.

Employee Profiles

Add links to staff members profiles on HealthyGC. Please note your staff will need to join HealthyGC and create a profile page for you to be able to use this feature.

Accessibility Friendly Rating

This section is where you can opt to complete a survey that will add up your accessibility friendly rating and add it to your profile. It is highly recommended that you complete this survey so people who find your listing know how easy it is for them to get to and access.

Terms & Conditions

To save the listing you have created you must read and tick the checkbox agreeing to our HealthyGC Website Terms and Conditions.

Publishing Your Listing

Once you click submit, you will then be taken to the listing management page that has all your listings in a list view. If you are happy with the information  you have added to this listing click the blue publish button.

You can also update your listing anytime in the future through this page. This page is always accessable through the shortcuts menu upon login under listings 'create manage listings'.

Your listing will then be moderated and published by our online coordinator. You will receive notification via email once your listing is published.

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