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Page content updated 24/05/2019
AboutInformation Management Life-cycle Layer

Information Management Lifecycle Layer


Gold Coast Primary Health Network/General Practice Gold Coast Data Collection 

Gold Coast PHN collects, uses and stores information in line with Australian Privacy laws.  

The purpose of this data collection is to maintain the data integrity of the information held in GCPHN’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) Chilli Database (ChilliDB) by ensuring our records are regularly updated and hold accurate information about General Practice in the Gold Coast region. The process is undertaken on a quarterly basis or as required to ensure general practice data is no older than 6 months. 

Information Management Lifecycle Phase

General Practice Data Collection


  • The data Collection Form is reviewed on an annual basis by Gold Coast PHN Executive Management and Senior Leadership team 
  • ​The data collection form is sent to all general practices whose data has not been validated within a six-month period or 
  • Reviewed and updated during a face to face practice visit  
  • The data is collected from the general practice by both manual and electronic processes 
  • GCPHN also receives updates from Gold Coast Health on General Practice data on a weekly basis. Any identified changes are updated in our CRM) 
  LOCATION All Gold Coast General Practices complete the data collection form at their practice
  COMPLIANCE WITH APPs This data collection Information management lifecycle is available to general practices to support informed consent for data collection. 

The Data Collection Form is required to be completed by an authorised person who acknowledges they have reviewed the Data Collection Form lifecycle. 
  NOTES All data that is collected is used to inform GCPHN activities 


The completed data collection form is: 

  • reviewed for changes 
  • updated information is entered into our CRM 
  • a data validation date is logged against the practice data  
  • manually updated by authorised GCPHN staff 
  LOCATION The data collection form is stored in ChilliDB on premises at GCPHN offices on a secure server
  COMPLIANCE WITH APPs This Information management lifecycle identifies how the data is organised and stored 


The data is accessed by: 

  • authorised and trained Gold Coast PHN staff  
  • Integrated Team Care (ITC) Project Officer (previously known as Close the Gap) working from the Gold Coast PHN office 
  • authorised and trained contracted staff working from Gold Coast PHN office  
  • confidentiality agreements are in place with all staff accessing the data
  LOCATION GCPHN staff can access data on premises at GCPHN office or remotely via secure login. 

Integrated Team Care (ITC) Project Officer on premises at GCPHN offices only. 

Contracted staff working on premises at GCPHN offices only.
  COMPLIANCE WITH APPs This Information management lifecycle identifies how the data is accessed and by whom.
  NOTES Staff access is removed on separation from the organisation as per the separation policy.


The data could be used at an aggregated level to inform: 

  • project activity related to general practice 
  • annual Needs Assessment reviews 
  • population health planning  
  • service planning 
  • project evaluation  
  • reporting to GCPHN Executive, Board and funders  
  • for research purposes to benefit Australians’ Health and the health care system in conjunction with third parties such as universities and other research centres 
  • individual email addresses will be used by GCPHN internally to distribute information to general practices such as the GP Bulletin, Health Alerts and important information from Gold Coast Health clinical services

Data is shared via electronic transfer with: 

  • Gold Coast Health 
  • Department of Health 
  • Contractors working with GCPHN 
  • Partners working collaboratively with GCPH
  COMPLIANCE WITH APPs This Information management lifecycle identifieshow the data is used and shared.

The data in the CRMis not made available to any commercial entities for marketing purposes. 

The data in the CRMis not made wholly available to any third party. Only specific de-identifieddata sets are shared.


The data is updated through either a data validation process or during a face to face practice visit: 

Data validation process: 

  • Practices whose data hasn’t been validated within a 6-month period is identified on a quarterly exception report 
  • Data collection PDF form is generated for each practice identified on the exception report and forwarded to the practice via email 
  • ​Authorised member of the general practice team reviews, updates and returns the data collection form to GCPHN via email  
  • If the data collection form is not returned by the due date, a follow up phone call occurs to assist with collection of the required data 

​Face to face practice visit process: 

  • If data validation date is older than 3 months 
  • Data update form is generated and taken on the practice visit by GCPHN staff member 
  • Authorised member of the general practice team reviews, and updates the data collection form  
  • The updated data collection form is returned to the GCPHN office by the visiting GCPHN staff member 

Data is stored in a secure SQL server database accessible only to authorised and trained GCPHN staff via 

  • The CRM user interface  
  • Predefined Business intelligence applications (audit tools used to assist reporting)  
  • Staff accessing the CRM are forced to update passwords every ninety days
  • Both interfaces use Single Sign On authentication or via user name and password access 

Data is stored in an SQL database on a physical server in a secure accessed server room at GCPHN premises.   

The server has appropriate firewalls, security, monitoring, backups and maintenance processes in place.

  COMPLIANCE WITH APPs This Information management lifecycle identifies how the data is secured and maintained.
  NOTES Systems and processesare monitored andregularly audited.


The data/data collection form is: 

  • stored in a temporary folder on the secure server until the data is entered and uploaded electronically in ChilliDB  
  • All forms are deleted from the secure server following uploading to ChilliDB 
  • ​Data in the CRM database is periodically archived to inform organisational reporting 
  • Superceded data (including organisations and contacts) are expired, become inactive and are archived through this process 
  • The hard copy completed data collection form is securely destroyed once uploaded in ChilliDB
  COMPLIANCE WITH AAPs This Information management lifecycle identifies how long the data is retained for and when, under what circumstances and how it is disposed of.
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