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Page content updated 21/09/2017
ReferralsAdult Community Health Referral Templates

Adult Community Health Referral Templates

Medical Software Referral Templates

The use of templates in general practice has many advantages in assisting with the management of patient care including:
  • They can be completed quickly and easily by auto populating patient information such as name, contact details, medical history, allergies and current medications
  • Prompting for useful information such alternative contact details, completing a treatment plan and setting a review date
  • Ease of sending through secure means such as Medical Objects
  • Assists in meeting medico-legal requirements and best practice by saving the template to the patients clinical file adding to a complete record
  • More efficient and uniform referral process
  • Enhances the quality of patient referrals as the required information can be easily identified

Referral Template Installation Guide

The Referral Template Installation Guide provides useful information about how to download referral templates. There are also instructions on how to install templates when using Medical Director, Best Practice, GP Complete, ZedMed and Genie.

If importing templates into your clinical software do not open them outside of your medical software as this will corrupt the medical software coding. Word and PDF files cannot be imported into medical software.

If you need any assistance with these templates, please contact our Administration Officer (Primary Health Care/GPLO) via Phone: 07 5612 5420 or email:

Please note: "HACC Referral Template is now removed due to MyAged Care Referral Gateway being used to process these referrals from 1 July 2015.
Please see or call 1800 200 422 for more information.
Cardiac Rehabilitation  Best Practice (01/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Chronic Kidney Disease Best Practice (01/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Cognitive Best Practice (1/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Community Rehab Best Practice (01/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Diabetes  Best Practice (01/2016)Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016)Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Falls and Balance Clinic Best Practice (01/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Heart Health Best Practice (01/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Hepatitis C - Fibroscan Fibroscan Referral Template - v1.2 June 2017(PDF) 
Indigenous (Mungulli) Best Practice (04/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Memory Clinic Best Practice (09/2012) | ZedMed (09/2012)
MS Fitness Program Best Practice (01/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | GP Complete (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)
Oral Health (GCUH) Best Practice (11/2015) | Genie (11/2015) | GP Complete (11/2015) | Medical Director (11/2015) | Practix (09/2012) | Zedmed (11/2015)
Respiratory Service Best Practice (01/2016) | Genie (01/2016) | Medical Director (01/2016) | ZedMed (01/2016)

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